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Hi, I’m Froobish also known as Hayden. I’m a Twitch streamer and content creator focusing on Final Fantasy XIV Online and the MMO market. I’ve been a content creator for a long time, writing for publications such as EVE News 24 during my ten years as part of EVE Online, to writing for my own enjoyment, making podcasts, and hosting a radio station. Throughout my career I have worked between New York and London and owned my own businesses.

This website is an amalgamation of all that I create. You will find my video content, my Twitch broadcasts, written articles on subjects such as streaming, and many other things. I am a keen writer and wanted a platform that I could bring together everything that I create for viewers and consumers alike to enjoy.

I grew up during the advent of the computer game being an early 80’s child. It was on my father’s lap as a four year old that I began playing Pong, a game that my father had brought home to introduce to my older brother and I. Being a child of the NES I learned how to finish Mario Bros in record time and grew up knowing the secret areas and tricks of Super Mario 3. My love for gaming never stopped, even as I got my first part time job as a teenager I still played Doom on my PC and managed to play Quake across our school network even when we weren’t supposed to.

As a gamer I take a great interest in the industry that has provided me with incredible experiences and given me new ways to make friends. It is because of games such as EVE Online and World of Warcraft that I met people I would call friends even to this day. You can expect to see opinion pieces on the gaming industry both negative and positive as well as the odd recipe for cookies or ramen sneaking in due to my love for good food.


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Home of the sassy Twitch Human