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So you’re going to be a streamer huh?

So you’re going to be a streamer huh?

Welcome to the grind my new friend. Welcome to the grind.

Many people are beginning to switch on the idea of streaming. Years ago streaming was misunderstood or ignored; the poor relation of being a YouTuber. Now the tables have turned with the advent of the super-streamers such as TimtheTatMan. It’s never been more attractive than now with Ninja reporting millions of dollars in payments and partnerships with Epic Games. What’s more attractive than playing video games and being paid to do it?

Well, let’s discuss this in detail.

Streaming is a hard job. A lot of viewers mistake streaming for a relaxing affair but in actual fact it takes a lot of hard work, grinding, and lots of planning. I’ll use myself as an example and work from there but don’t think that this guide is here to dissuade anyone from trying, it’s to make sure you understand what it is you’ll have to do to be a streamer.

Have you got a suitable computer?

This one is pretty obvious but if you don’t have a computer capable of running OBS or your chosen broadcast software as well as your game you’re going to have a tough time. Although software has come a long way and so has technology on graphics cards and processors, you’re going to be hard pressed to make it work with older hardware or a lower end PC. It is possible to turn down your settings but be aware that viewers are quality sensitive. They are willing to accept a compromise if the content is good but too low and people won’t stay.

Bought a proper mic yet?

The most important thing about streaming is the communication between the viewer and the streamer. We will talk about engagement after but the most important is your microphone. Many new streamers will try to use a headset mic that’s alright for Discord chatting but not designed for broadcasting a show. You need to consider getting a proper microphone as soon as you possibly can. It doesn’t need to be studio level quality but it definitely needs to be quality enough to be heard clearly, evenly, and cut out any noise from around you.

Once you have your microphone you absolute must learn how to set your levels. If you are an English speaker like I am you will have plosive P’s and B’s which pop loudly on your mic and your job is to try and minimise these as much as you can. See my guide on audio settings here for more details but use things such as a noise gate and noise cancellation to limit any background noise by turning off your microphone access under a certain decibel level.

You’re the best Fortnite player ever? So are 200,000 others.

Fortnite is of course the most popular game in the world and draws in the viewers but you have to consider how saturated this market is. There are massive names like Ninja, DrLupo, TimtheTatMan which gigantic channels who will dwarf you. What you always have to consider is “who is going to find me?”. If there’s 199,999 people before you on Twitch, who is going to scroll all the way to the bottom of the category to find you?

I know it sounds harsh but unfortunately it’s true. You could be an amazing player but if nobody knows that you’re there then it’s worth very little. You are going to have to think outside of the box to seek your fame. Perhaps you could use Social Media heavily and share your best clips? Maybe you could become part of a larger streamer’s community who plays your games and be available for duos? Think about all of this stuff.

The simplest way to get started on Twitch is to skip the super saturated content in search of something you can make a mark in. Look for games which are in the niche you enjoy but enjoy lower streamer numbers. You may see less viewers but it is a place to get started. As a smaller streamer you will have more chance at being noticed and therefore more viewers.

Remember, 5 viewers of a possible 2,000,000 viewers is worth less than 50 of only 1,000 total viewers in the category. Think wisely. Nothing is stopping you playing the games you love but mix them in with growing games or games you know you can get visibility in.

So there you have it. There’s a bunch of things to think about before you start streaming. I will go into detail on HOW to put together a streaming setup in another guide but these were a few things I wanted you to think of first. Remember, if you have any questions then either join my Twitch channel when I’m live or ask on the Discord to get an answer.

Good luck!


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