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Sometimes it’s working smarter, not harder

Sometimes it’s working smarter, not harder

I think a lot of people think that my job is wondrous and simple. Of course it can be very good fun but at times it’s truly exhausting. Think of it like this, you have an office worker who gets to work at 9 and leaves at 6. Once they leave the office that’s their work day done and they don’t have to think about it any longer, albeit until the next day. My day isn’t quite like that.

A usual day for me consists of getting up early, networking with fellow streamers and helping in their channels, being mod in a channel or two and then having my breakfast. I’ve been spending time doing bits on this website as well here and there but I’m usually live on Twitch by about midday and then I am solidly on there until about 11pm. My work day is approximately 13 hours long Monday to Friday (I’ve recently stopped streaming on weekends). Sometimes I am absolutely wiped out.

Obviously those that know me and watch my streams know that I have been grinding jobs on FFXIV to get ready for Shadowbringers. As I started the game a lot later than everyone else it’s been a mad dash to get myself levelled in a number of different classes/jobs so that I had choice when the expansion hit. Now that it’s about launch (28th of June) I have taken two days off streaming so that I can catch up on things that until now I had neglected.

Streaming is hard. Sure the bit about playing video games is fun but you have to stay engaged with your chat, update your social media, work on your overlays and things like that, and maybe a website like this if you’re insane enough to create one.

I’m not moaning and I’m happy with what I do for a living but I think at times there’s some changes I have to make. It doesn’t always require you to work ‘harder’ as I think I need to work ‘smarter’. As the new expansion is upon us and I’m no longer keeping up with the Jones’ then maybe I need to revisit my stream length?

I need to bring more stuff to YouTube which is horribly under loved and pretty important so expect me to take more time for ancillary content that surrounds brand Froobish than hammering away at streaming.


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